our history

AIM Real Estate is a family business, specializing in Property Management in the City of Edmonton and surrounding area offering a boutique style service. We have been managing real estate for over 25 years.

AIM Real Estate Corporation is a licensed brokerage, governed by The Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA). We have licensed individuals who can conduct in all activities related to Real Estate.

Our unparalleled operations strive to reduce costs, market the properties effectively, and normalize rent structures. Our industry-leading operations not only increase income and occupancy rates, but resident retention as well. Our managers pride themselves on well cared for properties, exercising the utmost care and respect towards all stakeholders.

We are proud to tailor our services to meet the needs of each client’s priorities. We deliver real estate expertise and outstanding professional service in an accurate and timely manner.

about us

Our pledge to all our clients is to provide best efforts and innovative methods with due consideration to economic realities. We are not only complemented by a professional and dedicated staff, but we approach each project in a highly positive manner. Our staff enjoys their work, and as a result strive to improve and properly manage your investment. We are committed to provide the extra effort required to ensure mutual success for all parties concerned: the owner, the tenants and the manager.


Dan McDaniel, President

Dan has been directly involved in real estate management and marketing for over 30 years in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Yukon Territories and the Western United States. He has been a member of the Real Estate Institute of Canada for over 30 years, holding four designations, the Fellowship of Real Estate (FRI), Certified Property Manager (CPM), and Certified Reserve Planner (CRP), (CMOC) Certified Manager of Condominiums. Dan is also a licensed real estate broker with the Real Estate Council of Alberta and a member of the Edmonton Real Estate Board.

His family's company (F.J. McDaniel Ltd.) developed, owned and managed over 3,000 multi-family units and 100,000 square feet of commercial and industrial property in the city of Edmonton. They also developed and managed two hotels in Hinton and Jasper, Alberta. This company was in operation for more than 45 years. This tradition and success is the driving force behind Dan's company.


John McDaniel, Operations Manager

John McDaniel joined AIM Real Estate after working in industrial construction for four years. With the skills that John gained from his previous role as a Project Controller working on multi-million dollar projects, he brings the ability to build strong client relationships, coordinate construction activities, and manage contracts and budgets. He brings a strong financial understanding after managing budgets upwards of $50 million, on multiple construction projects.

Born and raised in Edmonton, John completed his Bachelor of Commerce Degree at MacEwan University, majoring in Management and a minor in Marketing. John is a licensed associate under the Real Estate Council of Alberta.


Kim Sheppard, Commercial Property Manager

Kim joined the Aim Real Estate team as a Commercial Property Manager; Kim is a property management professional with over 25 years of comprehensive and progressive commercial real estate property management, leasing and administration.

Working for a major institutional landlord and developer, Kim gained expertise in managing, marketing, leasing documenting and commercial properties. She has been involved in the management and leasing of over one million square feet of office, retail and industrial properties.

Kim is an energetic, innovative and effective problem solver and brings her exceptional communication skills and interpersonal abilities, developing positive and productive relationships with clients, tenants, real estate agents, colleagues and suppliers.


Joanna Pauline, Condominium Manager

Joanna has conducted more than 600 reviews of Condominium Corporations in the Edmonton, Fort McMurray, St Albert and Fort Saskatchewan areas. Based on the Section 44 requirements of the Condominium Property Act "Information on Request"; Joanna provided new buyers with a better understanding of their personal unit owner responsibilities versus that of the common property. The thirteen page report provided the new buyers with a synopsis of the Condominium Corporation along with a comparative analysis of the Reserve Fund Study as stipulated by the Real Estate Institute of Canada (Technical Bulletin No. 1).

Joanna participated in the Consultation Paper stage of the proposed changes to the Bill 9 Condominium Property Amendment Act. She provided details of the emerging trends and challenges facing the Condominium market with the objective of modernizing Alberta's Condominium laws and raising the standards of the Condominium Management Sector.

As a former licensed Realtor in good standing, and a current licensed associate Joanna is also knowledgeable of the upcoming amendments to the Real Estate Act.


Josclyn Hector, Condominium Manager

Josclyn has been directly involved in property management and marketing for over 20 years in British Guyana and Alberta, Canada. He has training with the Edmonton Real Estate Institute, Canadian Condominium Institute and is currently pursuing courses leading to the ACM designation. His responsibilities and involvement over the past years in real estate include:

Condominiums; Residential and multi-family property management

·         Preparation of operating and capital budgets for residential real estate

·         Project and construction management coordination

·         Effective financial management and budgetary control

·         Market analysis of residential real estate

·         Establishing long & short-term management plans

·         Creating effective management & client relations

·         Pro-active management & project monitoring

·         Establishing and coordination long and short-term building maintenance activities

·         Accurate and timely response & reporting

·         Effective communications with boards, tenants, owners and contractors

His roles included buildings inspector with the Central Housing and Planning Authority in Guyana before opening his own business.

He was the owner and manager of Home Investment Services in Guyana and a Real Estate concern for 10 years, where he sold, managed and constructed properties. He also designed buildings and was a licensed property insurance agent.

Josclyn has managed over 1,000 condominium units in Edmonton and surrounding areas. He provides timely responses to any issue with properties, residents or owners. The experience and knowledge acquired over the years provides him with the skill necessary for effective property management. Josclyn is a licensed Condominium Manager associate under the Real Estate Council of Alberta.


Nicole Kosch, Condominium Manager

Nicole has been involved in Property Management for over 20 years in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.  She holds both a Condominium Manager’s license and an Associate’s license with the Real Estate Counsel of Alberta.  She has also earned her ACM (Accredited Condominium Manager) designation through ACMA.  She has had diverse experience working within property management ranging from property accountant, property administrator and in the past 10 years Condominium Management.  She prides herself on the relationships she has been able to build with the Board of Directors and Owners/Residents.  Some of Nicole’s most notable skills include:

·        Budget Preparation and Planning

·        Project Management

·        Exceptional Communication

·        Contract and project coordination

·        Establishing long and short term goals for Corporations

The knowledge and experience Nicole has acquired over her years of management has provided her with the skills necessary to be an effective and efficient manager.


The AIM office is held together by a great supportive team of highly skilled and experienced Administrators and Accountants.