Company Profile

Over our 30 year history, our clients have enjoyed the attributes of strong management, positive leadership skills, and a philosophy fostered by ownership of assets and the requirements in today’s trying real estate markets to stabilize, strengthen and enhance the values of various lands and buildings. We have enjoyed a very strong association with numerous institutions, pension funds, life insurance companies, chartered banks, etc. in roles ranging from portfolio ownership through to enforcement of distressed assets. This role has increasingly grown over the recent years through proven performance and related referrals, obvious testaments of our positive reputation in the industry in this marketplace.

Our pledge to all our clients is to provide best efforts and innovative methods with due consideration to economic realities. We are not only complemented by a professional and dedicated staff, but we approach each project in a highly positive manner. Our staffs enjoys their work and as a result strive to improve and properly manage your investment. We are committed to provide the extra effort required to ensure mutual success for all parties concerned: the owner, the tenants and the manager.

We believe the distinct advantage which Aim Real Estate brings to its’ clients is the personal service and hands on management which remains our trademark. It is these attributes which separate us from the larger national property managers and give to our client’s direct access to local experience and expertise which is so many more layers removed in the national companies. Should you require any additional information, we would look forward to accommodating your requests.


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